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For Players Only Ages 14-19

(3 week workshop March 14/March 21/March 28 of 2021)


Since 2010 JOGA as an organization has brought over 600 players to Europe and placed and help facilitate trials for over 60 players and placed over 20 players with pro clubs and academies.


Clubs such as:


  • PSV (NL)

  • Benfica (POR)

  • Sporting CP (POR)

  • FC Groningen (NL)

  • Brondby (DK)

  • FC Noordsejland (DK)

  • B93 (DK)

  • HIK (DK)


Why JOGA PRO Workshop?


Throughout our time building JOGA in Washington, DC our message has been consistent with developing players to reach the professional level.  


But we have found many do not understand and comprehend what is required to reach such a level.  At this time in US soccer there is unprecedented international interest in US talents and we know its very important to help support and prepare the next generation. 


We see that direct communication and planning is not given to youth players to prepare for the JOURNEY To Becoming a PRO.


This is why we feel we must educate players as much as possible and help prepare them for the PRO JOURNEY.

Who Are the Speakers




Albert Capellas 






Albert Capellas- Current U21 Denmark National team coach and former Barcelona Academy Coach and Assistant coach for Borussia Dortmund



Ryan Smith









Ryan Smith, Former Professional at Arsenal, Leicester City, Sporting KC (Formerly know as Kansas City Wizards) and former England Youth  International 


Christian Rodriguez















Christian Rodriguez- Former US Youth International, FC Groningen youth academy, Carolina Railhawks, CD FAS and current professional at Independiente FC San Vicente in El Salvador




Who is the JOGA PRO Workshop for?

For aspiring youth soccer players who have the desire and motivation to chase a pro career.


What is the structure of the Workshop?


The Workshop will consist of three 1 hr workshops that will span 3 weeks.  Each week we will cover a topic of the JOURNEY of Becoming a PRO and have former pro players, scouts, coaches, nutritionist, and other experts in the field of soccer development.


Our JOGA Staff will breakdown and provide a program for players to complete and then implement in their development journey.



Here are the 3 topics of each week:


  1.  Becoming a Pro, Why?  What is your motivation 

  2. The Plan: How do you take steps to attaining your goal

  3. The Journney and Discipline:  How do you hold yourself accountable? Is this for you?  How to deal with success and setbacks


Schedule for each workshop:   March 14/ March 21/ March 28th


  • 10min speaking and reviewing worksheets on topic

  • 30 min Expert Guest Speaker

  • 20 min Q&A with expert

*we will preselect 3 questions and take 3 questions from the group during the workshop.  


What you need:


  • Access to Google Meet via computer or phone

  • Pen/Pencils

  • Paper 


*Each workshop will provide worksheets for the players to fill out as they complete the 3 week workshop




However for each 3 week workshop a total of 60 players will be admitted at a time.

To Register please complete the form below and registeration will be completed and final March 12, 2021!  Upon Registering you wiil receive a confirmation acceptance email.  If not accepted you will be put on our waiting list for our next Pro Workshop.



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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